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We help active and motivated adults of Fort Wayne get out of pain and back to the things they love without medications or surgery. 


Shield Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention is a Fort Wayne based company dedicated to solving difficult injuries and preventing future pain. Our patients desire proven, natural alternative to surgeries, injections, and medications. We are dedicated to working daily toward accomplishing a goal, repairing an injury, and preventing future injuries. We show motivated adults how to treat their own injuries and become their long-term partners for positive health choices.

Our Proven 3 Step Process


Control your Pain

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your injury to determine the root cause. Then we will provide hands-on treatment and gentle exercise

to reduce your pain. In this phase, we will get you back to work, sitting, standing, sleeping, and other daily activities. 


Fix your problem

In this phase, we will address the root cause of your problem. You will become stronger and more mobile. You will also be able to return to heavy yardwork, exercise, running, and higher-level activities.


Ensure it doesn't come back

Finally, we train you to bend, move, and twist without hurting yourself. Everyone should be able to pick up kids, workout, and live without the constant fear of re-injury. We will teach you to take ownership for regular maintenance of your body to prevent pain.

Tyler T.

 Back Pain & Sciatica

Nathan has been exceptional at helping me through a back injury, by creating a program and teaching different exercises and stretches that have given me a lot of mobility back."

Tamara H.

Neck/Arm Pain

Nathan is a very knowledgeable and personable physical therapist. He helped me go from having to sleep sitting up, having numbness and pain in my arms to being pain-free and able to sleep lying down again. So thankful.

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