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Who are we?


We're a Fort-Wayne based physical therapy and injury prevention company that works with motivated adults who don’t want to slow down because of pain and are seeking a proven, natural alternative to surgeries, injections, and medications.


Who are our ideal clients?


We love to help those who want to help themselves. We train people to take care of themselves rather than relying on a healthcare provider. We want people willing to put in 20 minutes per day on their own when injured, and ideally at least 10 minutes per day on maintenance afterwards to prevent future injuries. Our clients should have a physical goal that they want to accomplish, whether an athlete that wants to beat their person best or a grandparent wanting to play with their grandchildren without pain.

Shield PT does not want individuals who are unwilling to prioritize caring for their bodies. This is not for people seeking a magic pill or think they can outsource all their body’s maintenance to a healthcare provider. If they are not interested in making good health choices and putting in the time/work to make themselves healthier, they should choose a different therapy company. 


What do we treat?

We treat primarily musculoskeletal injuries of the spine, upper extremity, and lower extremity. All evaluation and treatment is completed by a doctor of physical therapy, who looks at the body as a system and works with you to resolve the source of your injury rather than just eliminate your current symptoms. Your therapist has extensive education and has proven expertise in the fields of sports injuries, work injuries, post-surgical rehab, and injury prevention. 

How are we different?

Too many people experience pain and never make it to the person who can help. It is too common that we hear:

  • My doctor only gave me a medication then referred me to the surgeon

  • My chiropractor gives me short-term relief, but I have to keep going back and I need something more

  • I had a different physical therapist each time and I spent most of the treatment “warming up” on a bike before they split time with me and other clients


We are different because we work for you (the patient), not for insurance companies. We set realistic expectations of our clients and expect them to be actively involved in their recovery. We provide you with the care-focused attention you deserve rather than the distracted attention that working for insurance reimbursement requires. Because of this, we are also able to bridge the gap (after insurance companies think you should be discharged from therapy) between initial recovery and full strength/motion/knowledge necessary to prevent future injuries. We respect your time and would never ask you to come in 2 or 3 times a week to repeat the same exercises. Our appointments are 60-minutes long with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy who evaluated you and knows your issue. You will not be treated by an aid or assistant. 


What does a treatment look like?

You should expect a full hour of focused time with your doctor of physical therapy. After a thorough evaluation, treatment will include hands-on therapies, therapeutic/stabilization exercises, movement analysis and functional training, and education on how to manage or prevent pain. 

What should I wear?

While you aren’t likely to break a sweat (at least your first visit), the examination is going to involve physical activity. Please wear clothes that allow you to perform gentle exercise and will allow your therapist to access the injured site.


What drives us?

We believe that the current healthcare model is broken because it is driven by health insurance rather than by individual patient needs. This leads many people into unnecessary imaging (x-rays, CT, MRI, etc.) and medications, precious time wasted time that could be spent leading a more fulfilling life, and often to unnecessary surgeries. We seek to provide care in the way that works best for you. While this does require more “homework” for our patients, we know that it leads to lasting improvements and less overall reliance on healthcare practitioners. In a world where doctors are overworked, we want to spend more time with each patient because we know that in the long-run this will result in better outcomes for the individual and the healthcare system.

Can I be seen even if I don’t have an injury?

Absolutely! In fact, the ideal situation is that we meet before you are injured. We currently have the following injury prevention screens:  running, baseball/softball, and general assessment to determine motion, flexibility, or strength deficits that are leaving you susceptible to future injury. If you choose one of these screens, you will be evaluated for faults and given actionable items (exercises, self-care, etc.) to reduce your injury risk. This is recommended for both athletes and the general population.

Is Shield PT right for me?

We would love to meet you in a FREE 15 minute in-person or phone consult to discuss your situation and determine if you would be a good fit. If this interests you, email, text (260) 305-0530 or click this LINK to schedule a time that works best for you.

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